NOTICE: Register for the September exam until 11th May!!!

All students that had entered for the June 2020 exam will have received a credit on their MyACCA account (unless their employer or learning provider paid ACCA directly).

We recommend you to use this refund to enter for the September 2020 exams, this will secure your entry and location of choice. 

You will also benefit from the cheaper Early Exam Entry fee if you book by 11th May.


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ACCA Exam preparation!

Richard Clarke turn aCOWtancy into a habit

  • Tip 1: Start small

    A tiny habit is easier to stick to — and it’s fast! That’s why aCOWtancy classrooms take just 10-20 minutes of your day. 

    Aim to finish just 3 classrooms this first week, then increase that number once your habit feels natural.

  • Tip 2: Use aCOWtancy after a different habit

    Maybe try it straight after breakfast, or after a run, or after dinner - make it an extension of an existing habit

  • Tip 3: Use aCOWtancy emails as a reminder

    Thousands of you read the aCOWtancy emails - and really love them. 

    Many use it as a reminder to study so why not read the email and then say to yourself - right I'm going to do 1 classroom immediately... you'll be glad you did after a week only!

The more regularly you study, the quicker aCOWtancy will become just another part of your life.

That’s it! Turning aCOWtancy into a habit starts small. Now that you know the secret, begin your ACCA passing  journey

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