Your client, Eric, requires advice on the capital gains tax implications arising from the receipt of insurance proceeds and the disposal of some shares, and the inheritance tax reliefs available in respect of assets in his estate at death.

His son Zak requires advice regarding the application of the personal service company (IR35) legislation.

– Is UK resident and domiciled.
– Is a higher rate taxpayer.
– Is in ill health and is expected to die within the next few months.

Capital transactions in the tax year 2014/15:
– Eric made no disposals for capital gains tax purposes in the tax year 2014/15 other than those detailed below.
– Eric received insurance proceeds of £10,000 following damage to a valuable painting.
– Eric sold half of his shareholding in Malaga plc for £11·50 per share.

Damaged painting:
– Eric purchased the painting for £46,000 in July 2012.
– The painting was damaged in October 2014 such that immediately afterwards its value fell to £38,000.
– The insurance proceeds of £10,000 were received by Eric on 1 December 2014.
– Eric has not had the painting repaired.

Malaga plc shares:
– Malaga plc is a quoted trading company with 200,000 issued shares.
– 80% of Malaga plc’s chargeable assets have always been chargeable business assets.
– Eric was given 12,000 shares in Malaga plc by his sister on 1 April 2010, when they were valued at £126,000.
– Eric’s sister had purchased the shares for £96,000 on 1 March 2009.
– Gift relief was claimed in respect of the gift of the shares to Eric on 1 April 2010.
– Eric paid the inheritance tax arising in respect of this gift following his sister’s death on 1 September 2011.
– Eric has never worked for Malaga plc.
– Eric sold 6,000 shares in Malaga plc on 1 March 2015.

Assets owned by Eric and a previous lifetime gift:
– Eric owns farmland in the UK, which has been leased to a tenant farmer for the last ten years.
– The farmland has a market value of £420,000 and an agricultural value of £340,000.
– Eric’s other assets, excluding the remaining Malaga plc shares, are valued at £408,000.
– Eric has made only one previous lifetime gift, of £60,000 cash to his son Zak on 1 July 2009.

– Is the sole shareholder, director and employee of Yoyo Ltd, a company which provides consultancy services.
– In the year ended 31 March 2016, Yoyo Ltd’s gross fee income from relevant engagements performed by Zak will be £110,000.
– In the tax year 2015/16, Zak will draw a salary of £24,000 and dividends of £50,000 from Yoyo Ltd.
– Neither Yoyo Ltd nor Zak has any other source of income.

(a) Calculate Eric’s total after-tax proceeds in respect of the two capital gains tax disposals in the tax year 2014/15. (6 marks)

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