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Syllabus H. Innovation, Performance Excellence & Change Management H7. Leading And Managing Projects

H7e. Managing the Project

Project Execution

Project Team Structures

  • Projects need coordination. 

    Teams will be from different function boundaries, therefore a matrix structure is required

    Projects need different skills and cross organisational reporting lines,  each individual then has a dual role, their functional/divisional responsibilities as well as those of the project team.

    The size of the team will depend on the project

Project Sponsor

  • Normally a senior member of management, often the one with most to gain (or lose) from it

    They direct and therefore allow the Project Manager to manage.

Responsibility Explanation
Gatekeeper Selecting only projects that support the business strategy
Monitor Have regular meetings with the PM and give advice where needed
Supporter  Assist the PM to do their job efficiently
Decision­maker Ultimate responsibility lies with the sponsor
Champion Ensure that the project is given high priority by all project members
Problem solver When the team lacks the skills to solve it alone
Resource negotiator Vital to get resources from across the different functions at the right time

Project Manager

  • Manages it on a day-to-day basis. Responsibility to deliver the project and ensure effectiveness and efficiency

  • Various roles include team leader, co-ordinator, relationship manager, problem solver, budget manager and change manager

  • They are often ‘generalists’ not specialists, facilitating rather than supervising team members

Task Needs Team Needs Individual Needs
Reach Objectives Co-ordinate the team Motivation
Planning Keep them motivated Support
Resources & Responsibilities allocated Create a sense of identity Guidance
Quality maintained    
Resolve Problems    

Typical problems faced by Project Managers

  1. Managing people with their own department responsibilities

  2. Dealing with departmental managers

  3. Managing the resources

  4. Dealing with specialists

The project manager does not usually have the power to reward project team members.

That resides with their department line manager normally.

Project team members struggle with feeling part of their department AND part of the project one-off team.

This needs managing by the project manager