Chapter 1

Syllabus A: The Business Organisation, Its Stakeholders

Chapter 2

Syllabus B: Business Organisation Structure, Functions

B1. The formal and informal business organisation

  1. Informal Organisation
  2. Impact of informal organisation on the business
Chapter 3

Syllabus C: Accounting And Reporting Systems, Controls

C4. The sources and purpose of internal and external fin. info

  1. External Reports
  2. Management Accounting Reports
Chapter 4

Syllabus D: Leading And Managing Individuals And Teams

D3. Individual and group behaviour in business organisations

  1. Individual and Group Behaviour
  2. Organisational Success
  3. Approaches to Work

D4. Team formation, development and management

  1. A Group and a Team
  2. Manager's Role
  3. Effective and Ineffective Teams
Chapter 5

Syllabus E: Personal Effectiveness And Communication In Business

Chapter 6

Syllabus F: Professional Ethics In Accounting And Business

F3. Corporate codes of ethics

  1. Definition
  2. Typical Contents
  3. Benefits