Frequently asked questions

We aim to create the world’s most loved online accountancy tuition course

Is all the syllabus covered?

Yes the topics in the textbooks cover ALL the syllabi for every paper and every awarding body. They are based entirely on the official ACCA Exam Textbook, the CIMA Exam Textbook and the CAT/DIPIFR Textbooks.

How do I get to see the online video tutorials?

Some free, online video tutorials are included in the Textbook sections and can be found in the tab next to notes when you click on a topic.

The Classroom is carefully structured via online video tutorials which cover every topic on the ACCA Exam List, CIMA Exam List, CAT and DIPIFR Exam List.

The video tutorials are constantly updated to keep in line with any changes within the ACCA Course Structure, CIMA Course Structure and the CAT/DIPIFR Course Structure. They also keep aligned to changes within the IFRS.

Why is the Classroom not free?

The Textbooks, Testing centres and Exam Centres are free and will remain forever free

They cover the entire ACCA Syllabus, CIMA Syllabus, CAT and DIP IFR Syllabus.

The Classroom for Premium Students is like being in one of Richard's face-to-face accounting classes and provides you with a clear structure to your studies. The online courses are also totally interactive to make your accounting studies enjoyable and engaging.

The Classroom is perfect for those who feel they need a little more help and structure to their accounting courses.

Try the first two classes for your paper for free!

Is there Student Support?

Students can access the Chat Button on the site to directly ask questions to the tutors and support staff.

Premium Students will receive a response to their technical questions promptly.

Can you download resources?

The Course Notes for your paper can be downloaded. 
We also offer downloadable Examiners Reports and Top Tips from the Examining Team, as well as Read The Marker's Mind notes.

Do You Offer Revision Courses?

We offer Revision Courses as part of the Premium Package for Premium Students.

We supply ACCA Revision Courses, CIMA Revision Courses and CAT/DIPIFR Revision Courses in duration from 1 day to 4 weeks revision, within the Classroom.

How Long Do I Have Access To My Classroom?

Once you subscribe, you have 6 months access to your paper and to the online accounting tuition in your selected Classroom.
We can arrange extensions to access, where requested by students, for a small fee.

Are the Classes Live?

The online video tutorials are all pre-recorded for every Classroom. The classes are not live.

This enables the tutors at aCOWtancy to provide the very best online learning for our students.

The pre-recorded classroom enables flexible online learning to suit the schedules of all learners.