Who we are

We aim to create the world’s most loved online accountancy tuition course

Richard Clarke BA (Hons) FCCA

Richard has been a full time accountancy tutor for 20 years. He has taught every single ACCA and CIMA paper in this time.

He has taught over 30,000 hours (becoming a world expert in anything should take 10,000).

He has been an ACCA & CIMA marker for 8 separate subjects.

He was a Director at BPP, responsible for training all of their tutors worldwide how to teach.

He set up his own academy in 2009 which became platinum rated in the minimum time possible – since then he has opened up many academies around the world.

He helped set up a “Train the Trainer” course alongside the ACCA examiners and went around the world training tutors.

He was consistently rated among the best BPP tutors during his time there, by all students.

Despite all of this, he rates as his finest achievement, believing it to be ground-breaking and the most useful resource available to any accountancy student.

Alongside aCOWtancy, Richard is now developing “Classroom of the Future”, which he feels will change how accountancy is taught throughout the world - look out for one of his academies opening near you soon.

Marketa Novakova ACCA

Marketa is the head of operation and expansion.

Together with Richard she has been working on researching the science behind how adults learn with specific reference to exams and creating a unique classroom of the future.

She worked as an auditor in Ernst & Young for several years.

Miki Mottes

... is busy drawing. Come back later.

Naomi Atkinson

Naomi runs a small design studio, Naomi Atkinson Design.

Before founding the studio in 2010, she came from three lead-roles with renowned web, advertising, and brand agencies.

She has a BA (hons) in Multimedia Design, and has 10 years industry experience since graduating in 2004.

She speaks at global design and web-industry events.

She has quite a following on Instagram, with her design-focussed eye.

She was nominated as Designer of the Year in 2011, and has been featured in many a publication, from Net to Design Week and 24 Beautiful Homes.

Naomi has worked on the architecture, user interface and design of She's brought together Richard's vision and Miki's illustrations, to form what you see here.


Established in 2006, Decode are a small team of developers who build digital products for customers worldwide.

Decode are responsible for all aspects of the web development of