How to pass the ACCA PM F5 exams

Richard Clarke

From the examiner and I

Use this as your guiding light throughout your PM (F5) course, whether you take it using our online classroom or at your local college.

Ok here it goes...

PM (F5) is more than just calculations

Don't forget the narrative parts of the exam and individual questions. According to the examiner it is very unlikely for a longer question to be solely numeric although a long question could be solely narrative! (see December 14, Q4)

The examiner also states that a preparation strategy ignoring the wordy parts is unlikely to result in a pass.

Think about context

This is linked to the above, but the key here is to understand that sometimes context is everything if you're going to pass.

let me explain... If a question has a short scenario say about a public health authority and the question asks to discuss whether ZBB should be recommended - then the answer should NOT talk about ZBB from a textbook.

Rather the answer should think about ZBB from a public health authority viewpoint.

Now this where many start to panic - but relax this is great news! The examiner expects v little knowledge about public health authorities (or whatever the scenario is) instead - you'll be given all the info for your answer in the scenario.

Let me say that again - the answer is given to you in the scenario!! So use the scenario!! (see June 14 5c)

Don't be irrelevant in the exam

Too much time and effort is spent trying to show off your textbook knowledge - it scores nothing unless it's relevant!

Think about the EXACT requirements of the question - thats where the marks are.

Ok that's all from me (and the examiner) for today - hope you found it useful - and see our online classroom for more of the same throughout the syllabus.

Best wishes


"Massive thank you to the aCOWtancy team - F5 passed first time :)" Francesca ACCA F5 student