Need help with AFM (P4) ACCA exam?

Richard Clarke

Tips to do well in AFM

From the examiner and I

AFM is technically tough - but here's some things to keep in mind - when planning your pass in AFM

Ok here goes

In the exam - keep moving on

So not too long on simple transactions - try to keep up the pace at all times - keep moving on..

Make sure you can deal with simple discounting and compounding

You know the sort of thing ..100 compounded with inflation for 3 years at 10% = 100 x 1.10 x 1.10 x 1.10 = 133.1

Similarly 133.1 discounted for 3 years at 10 % = 133.1 / 1.10 /1.10 / 1.10 = 100

Make sure your wordy answers are analytical

Never use bullet points or simple statements - say why you think its important and what effect it has etc. 

Analyse and evaluate

Make sure your study and answers are a good balance

Of words and numbers.. don't go overboard on just one of them

Remember to use the report format

When asked for, especially in Q1 - easy professional marks

Make your answers specific to the scenario

General answers and points don't score well

That's it from me - hope all is going well - and you're enjoying the online classroom

Best wishes