The many ways to study for ACCA exam

Richard Clarke

ACCA exam preparation
By Richard Clarke

... and keep going

Starting anything is difficult... as is continuing.. so let's take this one step at a time

Step 1: Get motivated

Being a qualified accountant opens up a million doors. 

Granted some doors are not as exciting as others but that's your choice when you qualify - and it's a choice not many have. You will be in demand. 

You will have a scarce resource. 

You will have a great sense of self-worth and confidence. 

You will have opportunities to go and be what you can be...

If that's not motivation enough - then I don't know what is...

Step 2: Find ONE study resource (not a combination of many)

This is really important - as having just the one resource has the following advantages:

1) It simplifies the process of studying (and the exams are commix enough)
2) It allows you to see the progress you're making (as you get through the resource)
3) It means you learn things one way only

Step 3: Set yourself a weekly target

This means that you don't give up if you miss a days study - but ensure you stick to the weekly target

Step 4: Start now!

Applying these steps easily - using the online classroom

I know this may seem like a sales pitch but it's not - I genuinely believe this is the best way - but there are other ways too - so stick to one resource you like - but for me the online classroom is perfect...

Step 1: Motivation

I will keep you motivated through the emails I send.

Step 2: One resource - Buy the online classroom

1) It simplifies the topics and the past paper questions
2) It's easy to see your progress as you go from door to door
3) You see the questions being done using the same technique you learned in the study sessions

Step 3: Set yourself a weekly target

Easy - just divide the number of classroom doors by the number of weeks between now and say 2 weeks before the exam - to allow time for recaps and past paper practice

Step 4: Start now!

Easy just open the first door and work your way through the short but sweet mini-sessions - make a vow to finish the class - you'll feel great after.

Please try this technique - even without the online classroom. Just try it with whatever resource you have - and let's get started. You can do this!

All the best

"Just wanted to say your online classroom is the most amazing, well put together resource I have ever used for ACCA - and I've tried them all! I know you must get emails like this everyday - but I really wanted to thank you - and I've passed every exam using it :) Thanks sooooo much" Tracey Mcguire ACCA 10th March 2016