Unmissable advice for ACCA SBR

Richard Clarke

From the examiner and I

Use this as your guiding light throughout your SBR course, whether you take it using our online classroom or at your local college.

Ok here goes...

Know the BASICS of everything

This is vital - and it means just what it says - the basics. One side of A4 for each standard. No more.

If you understand the principles of each standard then you will gain marks but it will also put you in a great position to make educated guesses on the more technical parts

Trying to learn all the standards fully is an impossible and self defeating task - bat clever

Stay up to date - or let us stay up to date for you :)

The examiner loves this - and will expect you to know new standards well, criticise the old standard and understand the basics and reasons behind proposed standards.

Ok that's all from me (and the examiner) for today

Hope all is going well - and you're enjoying the online classroom

Best wishes


"You're a SBR God!" Sam Pritchard ACCA SBR student UK