Which ACCA paper to do next?


Here's some advice from years of teaching all papers..

Do 1 paper per exam session

Take an advantage of having 4 sessions per year and take only 1 Exam a session.

Do FR before AA

Just because you will feel more comfortable with some audit risks

FM and SBR have very large syllabi - be aware when choosing these with other papers

This is especially true of FM now it is MCQ partially. This means periphery syllabus areas are now examined

Do AFM (if you must) as soon as possible after FM

They link beautifully together - though AFM is extremely tough at first

APM is technically easier than AFM

However APM relies on PM knowledge which will be long forgotten by now! :)

AFM is very technical and is quite a specialised area

Do SBR as soon as possible after FR

There is a lot of common ground, but you will find the groups techniques particularly useful again

Do AAA as soon as possible after SBR

This is really, really helpful as the basic principles of SBR standards (not calculations though) are all vital in AAA

AAA needs a rethink of your technique and thus more time

As mentioned earlier it builds on SBR (and AA) and needs to be done asap after SBR particularly - however do be aware that the technique for this paper is vastly different

The examiner expects are a far greater range of points and thus knowledge than any of the other papers - so its a proper combination of lots of knowledge work and application skills

Therefore be wary of doing this alongside more than 1 other paper

Whatever you choose we hope this has helped your thinking a little - they're not meant to be rules, rather just things for you to consider when choosing

Don't forget you have the opportunity to take exams in March, June, September and December  - so 1 each session and working hard is a good plan

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Best Wishes
Team aCOWtancy