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Question 1c

On the day of the inventory count, you attended depot nine at DinZee. You observed the following activities:

1. Prenumbered count sheets were being issued to client’s staff carrying out the count. The count sheets showed the inventory ledger balances for checking against physical inventory.

2. All count staff were drawn from the inventory warehouse and were counting in teams of two.

3. Three counting teams were allocated to each area of the stores to count, although the teams were allowed to decide which pair of staff counted which inventory within each area. Staff were warned that they had to remember which inventory had been counted.

4. Information was recorded on the count sheets in pencil so amendments could be made easily as required.

5. Any inventory not located on the pre-numbered inventory sheets was recorded on separate inventory sheets – which were numbered by staff as they were used.

6. At the end of the count, all count sheets were collected and the numeric sequence of the sheets checked; the sheets were not signed.


(i) List the weaknesses in the control system for counting inventory at depot nine. (3 marks)

(ii) For each weakness, explain why it is a weakness and state how that weakness can be overcome.
(9 marks)

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