Section A: Q6

Specimen exam

Q6 Section A

2 marks

At 31 December 20X5 the following require inclusion in a company's financial statements.

(1) On 1 January 20X5 the company made a loan of $12,000 to an employee, repayable on 1 January 20X6, charging interest at 2% per year. On the due date she repaid the loan and paid the whole of the interest due on the loan to that date

(2) The company paid an annual insurance premium of $9,000 in 20X5, covering the year ending 31 August 20X6

(3) In January 20X6 the company received rent from a tenant of $4,000 covering the six months to 31 December 20X5

For these items, what total figures should be included in the company's statement of financial position at 31 December 20X5?

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