3 day revision course

3 things you should do during the course
1) Watch the video where the TOPIC is explained
2) Download the exam question which Richard is about to go through Read the scenario and then watch how you should answer it.
3) Do the next stated question on your own

2 things you should do before the exam
1) Write down 3 bullet points to each topic on the piece of paper
2) Read a page of them - turn it over - and write down what you remember - Repeat this process until you remember it all

3 things to understand if you’re going to pass
1) Remember AAA paper is about applying knowledge to the scenario
2) To get the knowledge see above
3) In the exam, don’t be clever - let the scenario lead you - make obvious points

3 things to do in the exam hall:
1) Try to stay calm, :)
2) Use headings and small paragraphs to make it easier for the maker to read it and give you marks :)
3) NEVER use bullet points in the exam