A technique to pass ACCA exams

Richard Clarke

A technique for passing


These exams are under the 'Applied Skills ' level. That's important. This means it's a mix of knowledge and techniques.

So where do you get the knowledge from?

What I mean here is the knowledge for those pure knowledge questions - where there's no scenario and no process to go through - just pure repeating of knowledge

Here's an example from the AA (F8) December 15 exam:

ACCA Global exam papers UK

To get the knowledge for this you can either use a textbook or use the past paper answers themselves

So where do you get the skills and techniques from?

So an example of this type of question is:

ACCA Global exam papers UK ACCA Global exam papers UK

So here you need a good tutor. Someone who can explain the process needed, the underlying principles and the exam technique in a SIMPLE and UNDERSTANDABLE way.

Obviously a really good tutor will give you all the knowledge, techniques and past paper experience you need but it can be done alone with question practice.

So how would I study in an ideal world to pass these papers?

  1. Watch the online classroom through in it's entirety once.

  2. Get the past papers out and start making your OWN notes from the past paper knowledge questions - re-read these as often as possible. You'll be amazed that the same questions just keep coming up in every Exam!

  3. For the scenario questions, questions that need a technique - go back to the online classroom and watch HOW I approach them. Learn the technique.

  4. Then back to those past papers and practice some on your own. Don't worry about getting them wrong. Just follow the technique. Do all of them from the last 8 past papers.

  5. Watch the online classroom through one last time in its entirety to consolidate your knowledge.

So that's it - all you need is the past papers and the online classroom. Nothing else. Too much material is a bad thing. Of course if you've got a great tutor - then you don't need the online classroom either - the choice is yours.

Hope it helps


"Just wanted to thank you - I'm an affiliate now and it's all thanks to your classroom"