ACCA FAQ about the aCOWtancy classroom

Richard Clarke

FAQ about the aCOWtancy classroom

With such huge demand from students keen to hear more about the classroom - after hearing lovely things from their colleagues - I thought it might be a good idea to mention once again the FAQ.

So for those thinking of buying the classroom here goes with the more common questions...

  • Does it cover the whole syllabus?

    Yes, the classroom covers all the syllabus.

  • Does it cover past paper question techniques?

    Yes - this is vital to what we do. You learn the topics and then get stuck into past papers straight away - it's incredibly exam focused.

  • What's the pass rates?

    Always hard to tell online - but we perform sample surveys and the pass rates varied from 72% - 90.2% in the last session.

  • Should I use classroom alone or in conjunction with the textbook?

    I would use classroom only. Then add in even more past papers once you've gone through the classroom twice.

    The textbook is really useful - but sometimes too much info is a bad thing - so if pushed for time - always just the classroom

  • How long does the classroom take?

    Really depends on the paper - but on average there are 35 classes to each classroom and each one would take an average of an hour or less

    At the bottom of the door of each class we give you time how long it will take you to watch all the videos in that particular class.

  • How many weeks do I need to study for?

    I would say you could pass an exam by using the classroom for 3 weeks - in fact many have! But ideally give yourself 8 weeks. So that you can finish the Classroom and then revising everything in the Revision mountain

  • How do you manage to get through the syllabus and past papers so quickly?

    I have been teaching these topics for nearly 20 years. 

    I understand them implicitly and so can then pass on the principles behind them in a simple way.

    This simplicity - saves time - a lot of time. Poor lecturers try to cover up their lack of fundamental understanding by waffle - we don't. 

    I was a marker for many of the subjects also and know the examiners well. This really helps the focus of the classrooms

  • Is the classroom up to date? And how long does my membership last?

    It's always up to date! We are constantly adding in new videos and past paper questions - as we see the examiner trends changing etc.

    Your access is for 6 months from the day of purchase - meaning you effectively get two sittings :)

  • Which revision kit should I use alongside the classroom?

    None - Use past papers and Mock exams only! (see below)

  • Do you give a mock exam?

    Yes, for CBE based papers (AB - FM) - You have them at the end of the Classroom :) 

    We do not use Mock exams for Professional papers - You have so many past papers written by the examiners so use them as your mock.

  • Do you suggest using any other materials?

    Honestly, and this is genuine, no I don't. 

    I truly believe this is the best resource available anywhere and is the one resource most likely to help you pass.

    Of course others can, but this is the most efficient and effective. 

    Our testimonials and feedback is virtually 100% positive - and we are super proud of that.

    My only advice would be to ensure you go through the Classroom and the Revision Mountain.

  • Can I study using any device?

    Yes, you can study from anywhere you are using your desktop or tablet or phone etc.

I hope the above helps - it's what I get asked most of the time - so all that remains is for me to wish you good luck whichever study method you choose - you can do it!


"I just wanted to say aCOWtancy is my life-saver. I failed FR, AA and FM 3 times and was about to give in.. then bought your classroom and passed them all! And enjoyed it! Keep up the great work - we love the cows!!!!" Paul Dennis

"Thanks Richard for the best ACCA course - I've ever tried. The others should be ashamed with what they offer compared to yours - thanks a million" George Lorenzo

"Passed SBL, SBR, AFM with you first time - onto AAA and I've never felt so confident - classroom is amazing!!" Rachel Sofia

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