ACCA AA (F8) Exam Tips

Richard Clarke are 10 great tips to help

Here's some solid advice

  • Watch my classroom videos on Control systems (Sales, purchases etc)

  • When answering questions on the above - just be sensible - it's normally quite obvious when there's a deficiency

  • If you don't see a deficiency - you haven't tackled enough questions - as the same deficiencies come up time and time again - get working those past papers on deficiencies in control systems now :)

  • Now work on substantive procedures - for this you need to watch my videos on (or learn from textbook) revenue, PPE, provisions and stock

  • If you get stuck thinking of audit procedures - then use the assertions to help you think of some - test for control / obligation, accuracy / valuation, ownership,existence, completeness and cut-off

  • For audit procedures always say the correct verb (AEIOU or other), to what or who, and why you're doing this

  • Know the audit opinion qualifications and KAM uses well - especially for going concern

  • Now learn all about ethical threats and again do as many past papers as possible - or watch me do them in the classroom - the same ethical issues also come up time and time again

  • Ensure you know the difference between audit, business and FS risk

  • You now just need to learn the BASICS of the rest - remember MCQs mean this is vital - so use the revision course in class 1 to help

All that's left now is for you to work through these and you'll do well :)

Keep at it