ACCA Ethics Modules

Richard Clarke

Need to Know!

  • Here at aCOWtancy - we are passionate believers in ethical, cool businesses - you know the kind - they focus on the environment, the provenance of their products and care about their employees / customers / society

  • Genuinely it's a joy to shop with these type of businesses

  • So I personally think the Ethics module is crucial - but I do wish it would be seen by the ACCA as being something more entrepreneurial (as it is) and a bit more funky (hipsters were born out of ethics)

  • I know that 95% of our students are lovely, progressive, open minded individuals who will undoubtedly go onto great things and ethics to them come naturally

  • What this shows me is a mindset of - "Let me get as much as possible for as little as I possibly can" - and that's a very short term approach to business..

  • Doing the right thing - for me - means producing the very best materials - at a price that is affordable. It means continually updating, it means no annoying advertising and just a great an experience as we can manage.

  • It is this ethical approach that will continually help us stay ahead of the game.

  • Ethics does not mean - giving everything away for free. It means treating all stakeholders well and running a very successful business the right way

  • Remember to achieve full membership of the ACCA you not only need to pass the examinations but also to complete the ethics module and the experience requirements.

  • Ethics Module
    Cost: £60
    Duration: 20 hours

PS You have access to the ethics module once you have done AB, MA, FA.

Recommended that it is done before attempting SBL

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Hat-Tip to Tom Clendon

For more information about the Ethics Module click here: Ethics module more Information