ACCA AA (F8) Guidance and Exam Tips

Richard Clarke

Before the F8 exam..

  1. Ensure you know just the BASICS of all syllabus areas - remember that much of the exam is simple repetition of basic knowledge.

  2. Practice the CONTROL DEFICIENCIES - DONT learn these from the textbook - learn them by just looking at questions, reviewing the answers and examiners reports in the exam centre.

  3. Practice the use of assertions in helping you come up with audit procedures - watch the classroom on this then read and review past papers. 

    Remember that the assertions give you the ideas of what procedures would be useful, then use our AEIOU, What/Who and why method.

  4. Do all the MCQs there's been so far - great way to test your basic knowledge.

  5. Study going concern and audit reports well.

Thinking of you all