ACCA PM, TX, FR, AA, FM Papers

Richard Clarke

Exam format

There are 3 Sections:

  1. Section A (30 marks)

    Consists of 15 MCQs ... 2 marks each

    These can cover the whole syllabus and can be tricky sometimes...

  2. Section B (30 marks)

    Consists of 15 MCQs ... 2 marks each.

    You are given 3 mini-scenarios with 5 MCQs all about the scenario

    This is great as it often means it's the examiner walking you through the scenario rather than leaving you to get on with it

  3. Section C (40 marks)

    There are 2 longer questions (20 marks each).

Where can I see the ACCA Exam style?

Just head over to the ACCA website and download the September 16 specimen exam

Can aCOWtancy help me with it?

Of course we can, we have made videos for section B using the actual specimen so you can see exactly how it's examined and more importantly how to approach them.

We have given them a class of their own so they're easy to find - see below.

Have a good study today - aim for 20 minutes a day ...

Best wishes