How to make the most of the 4 exam sessions a year...

Richard Clarke

and make study life easier...

86,000 students took exams last September - maybe you were one of them

If not - why not?

"Let me try and break down a few reasons / excuses..."

"there's not enough time"

Oh Yes there is - I personally teach AA and AAA classes for the March and September exams in my academy - and the students do brilliantly - we get through all of the syllabus, cover loads of questions and theres  plenty of time for full paper practice for everyone

"my college doesn't offer anything"

This is a better reason. Try and get them to offer a few papers like we do in our academy. We offer 4 papers in March and September allowing students the chance to plan when to take those papers

If your college won't listen - then take our online classroom - if I'm honest it's your best option anyway ahem ;)

"it's too hot / cold / busy / yada yada"

Yeah yeah, like there's any "good time" to study - just get on with it...

How to use the March and September sittings

  1. If your college offers a full course in those dates (and they're a good college) - take advantage and do 1 paper

  2. If your college only offers revision - only use this if you've had a full course before - a revision course will not prepare you fully.

  3. Be clever - take papers where there's common knowledge - right after each other and let the 4 exams a year work for you... e.g. FR in December and AA in March; SBR in June and AAA in September etc

How can we help you?

We have created courses specifically for these extra exam dates  - so no matter what paper you want, or what date you want to take it - we've got the perfect, structured course for you 

Our pass rates are fantastic so we've got your back when you need us - but more importantly - do try and make the most of these extra sittings... they can be a great help - and we are here to help you take advantage of them going forwards

Best wishes