Results Day Philosophy

Georgina Roberts

Perhaps our biggest failing as humans is that by and large, we expect to feel happy all the time. 
In reality that's impossible.
At aCOWtancy we believe in using every event and circumstance as a learning tool, even those that make us feel un-happy, like not passing that last exam.

Eudaimonia, an ancient Greek word, translates as: EU, meaning good, or well, and DAIMON, which means spirit. For the Greek philosopher, Aristotle, simply the very pursuit of a virtuous life was enough to lead to eudaimonia. Knowing that one is doing one's best, trying to be the best version of oneself would bring about 'wellbeing', he would argue. 
But he also believed in 'individual self-realisation', accepting ourselves as we are, and having realistic expectations; meeting our own standards, regardless of what others may be doing, saying or achieving.

So if these exam results have not been what you had hoped for, know that just the act of pursuing success coupled with some self-realisation and acceptance, will lead you towards a state of happiness, or, eudaimonia and, undoubtedly, exam success too.

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Happy Travelling,
Team aCOWtancy.