The Shape of Financial Futures

Georgina Roberts

The financial sector is undergoing change at a rapid pace.

Research by Deloitte predicts that the hiring of workforce along with the shape of the workplace will undergo huge changes over the next three years.
As AI and robot technology constantly evolves, it's also merging with a financial workforce that already includes a vast and talented host of freelancers, gig workers and remote workers - a community that's expanded since the pandemic.
The Wall Street Journal predicts that, 'With many CFOs having difficulty hiring employees via traditional channels, finance will likely use technology to access global talent pools and specialised resources.' Workplaces will become increasingly remote or de-centralised but that of course, heightens the criticality of ensuring data is secure when the workforce is so dispersed.

So what does this mean for you, your skillset and employability in this financial future?

In short, workers who are predicted to be in demand are those such as data scientists and business analysts. Businesses will need to prioritise data integrity and completeness in an automated, AI world, and they'll need to create data strategies with strong leadership at the helm. Perhaps this is your skillset.
But they'll also need storytellers, skilled accountants who can interpret, communicate and advise on what that data displays and predicts. Perhaps this is more you.

The buzz and excitement of our developing sector feels like a bit of a revolution in the making. The importance of keeping pace with new developments and up-levelling our skillsets has never been more critical.