How to start studying for ACCA exams to ensure you PASS!

Richard Clarke

ACCA exam preparation
By Richard Clarke

Study so you Pass

The best advice I could give any student

I've learnt so much from training tutors, teaching ACCA for 16,000 hours and from my research into learning - but the truth of it is - I instinctively knew most of it.. and so do you probably

Let me first show you how I teach in real class and in the online classroom to give you an idea...

I set out the classroom sessions as follows...

  1. I break down each topic into mini-sessions

  2. I give an explainer video of that topic - boiling down all the complexities into something deceptively simple

  3. I then give 3 illustrations of that topic (exam standard)

  4. Then I go through an exam question

You can visit the Online Classroom:

So how can you do this alone - if you don't want to buy the classroom?

  1. Break down the syllabus into topics

  2. Give each topic 1 side of A4 - and restrict yourself to that for your notes

  3. Re-read these A4s regularly

  4. Get a technique to follow in the exam

  5. Practice it

  6. Try past exams and read the examiners reports

I wish you well however you choose to do it - and I will try and help as much as I can along the way

Best wishes as always