How to study ACCA modules

Richard Clarke

Draw it!

If you've got some ACCA revision to do, get yourself a sketch pad and start drawing the concepts you need to remember.

That's the clear message from studies in the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology.

Students were given 30 easily drawable words such as "apple".

  • One set had to spend 40 secs writing it out repeatedly.

  • The other set drew it.

The drawers later remembered twice as many of the words as the writers!

In further experiments with dozens more students, drawing was a better memory aid than visualising, writing or looking at pictures of words.

Drawing involves visualisation and deep-level thinking and tiring together of different aspects.

Nowhere is this better shown than when I teach ACCA - you'll see in my classroom I draw out mind-maps or visual representations of what I'm teaching. It helps you see the bigger picture and helps you memorise better.

Try it out yourself after you've watched the classrooms - it really helps!

Yours artistically :)

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