The Incredibly Popular 4 Week Revision Course - It's Back!

Georgina Roberts

The 4 Week Revision Course For You!

We've been busy revamping our popular 4 Week Revision Courses for your paper.
And, we're thrilled to say they're ready for our Premium students!

Here's a little guidance on how to use the courses effectively so that you're completely exam ready :)

Benefits Of The 4 Week Course

The course is packed full of learning activities for you to work through. They cover all the key topics you need to know for your paper, so try not to miss a single one! 

The good news is, many of these are video tutorials that get straight to the heart of the topic. 
We strongly advise you stick to the daily schedule, making your own notes as you go, and recapping regularly.

  1. Daily Schedule - so you stay on track with your studying.

  2. Expert Guidance in the Video Tutorials.

  3. Key Topics covered, whole syllabus addressed.

  4. Past Exam Questions Walk-Through Videos + Download PDFs of Past Questions to try yourself.

  5. Examiners Articles broken down into the key information you need to know, direct from the people marking your exams.

  6. Mock Exam for every paper, so you get to practise once you've completed learning.

Now's The Time

With 4 weeks to go, you have time to really make your studying count.

This concentrated burst of effort can lead to better retention and recall during the actual exams. And that's what we're aiming for: your ability to draw upon your learning more easily and apply your professional judgement and skills to the exam scenarios so that you stand a greater chance of passing your next ACCA exam first time.

Make a start today!

Head to the Revision section for your paper to find your course - part of the Premium Package

Good Luck from Team aCOWtancy!