Syllabus F1. Discussion Of Solutions To Current Issues 1 / 1

Discuss and apply the accounting implications of the first time adoption of new accounting standards

Identify issues and deficiencies which have led to proposed changes to an accounting standard

Discuss the impact of current issues in corporate reporting. This learning outcome may be tested by requiring the application of one or several existing standards to an accounting issue. It is also likely to require an explanation of the resulting reporting and disclosure implications from events such as:

accounting for digital assets accounting for the effects of a natural disaster,
climate change
a global event
going concern assessments

The following examples are relevant to the current syllabus:

1. Materiality in the context of financial reporting
2. Management commentary

Discuss developments in devising a structure for corporate reporting that addresses the needs of stakeholders

Discuss developments in corporate reporting related to sustainability reporting and sustainability standards.[3]
Discussion Of Solutions To Current Issues