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Syllabus C2. Overview of financial markets

Syllabus C2

Overview of financial markets 2 / 4

a) Explain the role and functions of various types of banks (including  the structure of the banking system) 
b) Identify the major financial intermediaries
c) Outline the general roles of financial intermediaries
d) Outline the key benefits of financial institutions
f) Explain the purpose and main features of: 
(i) Bank deposits
(ii) Certificates of deposit
(iii)Government stocks
(iv)Local authority bonds
(v) Bills of exchange

g) Explain the purpose and main features of: 
(i) Equity
(ii) Preferrence shares
(iii)Secured loan note
(iv) Unsecured loan note
(v) Convertible and redeemable debt
(vi) Warrants

h) Explain the basic nature of a money market
i) Describe the way in which a stock market (both main and second tier) operates
j) Discuss ways in which a company may obtain a stock market listing and the advantages and disadvantages of having a stock market listing.