Syllabus D. Audit Evidence D2. Audit procedures

D2a. Procedures for obtaining evidence

Syllabus D2a)

Discuss substantive procedures for obtaining audit evidence

Just remember A,E,I,O and U

So here's a reminder...

  1. Analytical Procedures

  2. Enquiry

  3. Inspection

  4. Observation

  5. Re-calcUlation / Re-performance

Procedure Meaning Control test Substantive test
Analytical procedure Exploring relationships between data Comparing yearly gross margins
Enquiry Getting confirmation from a 3rd party Replies from a debtors circular
Inspection Examining records Signature as evidence Getting title deeds to a property
Observation Looking at a process Watching staff complete their attendance sheet
Re-calculation Checking mathematical accuracy Adding individual sales in the sdb to check the totals