Syllabus E. Review And Reporting E5. Independent Auditor’s report

E5d. EOM and Other Matter Compared

Syllabus E5d)

Describe the format and content of key audit matters, emphasis of matter and other matter paragraphs.

There are 2 types of modified but not qualified reports..

Emphasis of Matter

This refers specifically to matters in the FS

Other Matters

This refers to anything else the auditor may wish to bring to the users attention

Emphasis of matter Other matter
What is it? Draws attention to fundamental issue in the fs Draws attention to another issue users need to know about
Where does it go? After Material Uncertainty on Going Concern paragraph After the Key Audit matters paragraph
Headed how? Emphasis of matter Other matter
Key points? Highlights the matter in the FS by reference to its page or note number The effect on the auditor's responsibilities
Effect on opinion? None None
Example Uncertainty regarding a contingent liability Auditor wishes to resign but legally cannot