Syllabus E. Personal Effectiveness And Communication In Business E3. Competence Frameworks and Personal Development

E3c. Personal and Continuous Professional Development 2 / 4

Syllabus E3c)

Explain how personal and continuous professional development can increase personal effectiveness at work.


Personal effectiveness encompasses both the central importance of acknowledging that we all need to continuously strive to achieve our potential and live fulfilled lives, for our own sense of self-worth and satisfaction.

As consequence, we improve our ability to reach out and touch the lives of others whilst being open and responsive to their needs and wants.

Underlying this is the assumption that our actions are conducted with positive intent, so that in meeting our own needs and wants we behave with integrity and generosity of spirit.

But why should this emphasis on personal growth and development matter in a business context?

  • It matters because if we are not fully effective as individuals, we are unlikely to be effective as leaders and managers, our relationships may be wanting, our ability to influence reduced and our performance and contribution to our organisations diminished. 

    There is an inevitable link between personal and organisational success.  

    When individual effectiveness and integrity is lacking it can result in serious problems.

  • Personal and professional development opens the door into raised self-awareness that encourages to take action to change what one don’t like and work on what s/he do really well, so that a person becomes distinctive and strong in his own self-belief. 

    These are core qualities for leadership at all levels and for success in any role.