Is ACCA exam difficult to pass?

Richard Clarke

... you can pass ACCA and more importantly take your life in the direction you want to go..

Well, for now, most of you need to work full-time. So freeing up some you time is vital. You can't study all the time. You need to box clever. And the same principle applies - keep your studying simple!

Don't buy textbooks because you always have, don't get more and more materials because there MIGHT be something amazing in there. You don't have time - and anyway it won't help.

You need to clear your desk and choose one piece of studying material. Obviously, I hope you choose the acowtancy classroom - so these rules apply to the classroom - but adapt them for your own choice if different.

  1. Study every day for 20 minutes - thats all.

  2. Start at the beginning of the classroom and try to get through 1 door a day (some will take more).

  3. Don't do anything else study wise.

For Applied Knowledge and Skills papers (Old F1 - F9)

Do 1 ACCA past paper question a day and make notes on the wordy bits - create a revision book from this.

For Strategic Professional Papers (SBR - AAA)

Go back through the classroom and watch at least 1 past paper question a day - just watch my technique - see how much is knowledge and how much is application.

That's it - nice and simple.

You can do it - with just 20 mins a day - go on start now!



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