Strategic Business Leader (SBL) ACCA exam

Richard Clarke

Before the SBL exam..

SBL is a strange one - people over study it (or are over taught it) and they lose all confidence in how to go about the exam and what the exam is really all about!

  1. So first things first, relax and tell yourself - all you are doing is analysing a business. 

    That's it and its common sense. 

    Should the company open up in a new country where there's political unrest and the economy is doing badly? Of course not. (That's PESTEL by the way :)

  2. Once you realise that - then you realise how important the scenario is. 

    It's the answer! 

    You just have to find which parts of the scenario go in which parts of your answer. 

    Oh and by the way you should use ALL the scenario - if there's a bit you haven't used - stick it somewhere (it should be obvious)

  3. Now I know you're all screaming - "Richard - its not that easy there's all these difficult models!" - well there are models but they're not hard - they're really easy. 

    And you only have to use them if asked, and sometimes they just actually help! 

    So - watch the revision course and learn the basics of the models - no more than basics!

    SBL Revision Course

Keep at it and good luck