Syllabus A3. Ethical And Governance Issues 4 / 5

a) Assess the ethical dimension within business issues and decisions and advise on best practice in the financial management of the organisation.

b) Demonstrate an understanding of the interconnectedness of the ethics of good business practice between all of the functional areas of the organisation.

c) Recommend, within specified problem domains, appropriate strategies for the resolution of stakeholder conflict and advise on alternative approaches that may be adopted. 

d) Recommend an ethical framework for the development of an organisation’s financial policies and a system for the assessment of its ethical impact upon the financial management of the organisation.

e) Explore the areas within the ethical framework of the organisation which may be undermined by agency effects and/or stakeholder conflicts and establish strategies for dealing with them.

f) Establish an ethical financial policy for the financial management of the organisation which is grounded in good governance, the highest standards of probity and is fully aligned with the ethical principles of the Association. 

g) Assess the impact on sustainability and environmental issues arising from alternative organisational business and financial decisions. 

h) Assess and advise on the impact of investment and financing strategies and decisions on the organisation’s stakeholders, from a governance perspective
Ethical And Governance Issues