Syllabus A4. Management Of International Trade And Finance 5 / 5

a) Advise on the theory and practice of free trade and the management of barriers to trade.

b) Demonstrate an up to date understanding of the major trade agreements and common markets and, on the basis of contemporary circumstances, advise on their policies and strategic implications for a given business.

c) Discuss how the actions of the World Trade Organisation, the International Monetary Fund, The World Bank and Central Banks can affect a multinational organisation.

d) Discuss the role of international financial institutions within the context of a globalised economy, with particular attention to (the Fed, Bank of England, European Central Bank and the Bank of Japan).

e) Discuss the role of the international financial markets with respect to the management of global debt, the financial development of the emerging economies and the maintenance of global financial stability.

f) Discuss the significance to the organisation, of latest developments in the world financial markets such as the causes and impact of the recent financial crisis; growth and impact of dark pool trading systems; the removal of barriers to the free movement of capital; and the international regulations on money laundering. 

g) Demonstrate an awareness of new developments in the macroeconomic environment, assessing their impact upon the organisation, and advising on the appropriate response to those developments both internally and externally.
Management Of International Trade And Finance