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Syllabus C6. Income tax administration

Syllabus C6

Income tax administration 6 / 6

a) Explain and apply the features of the self- assessment system as it applies to individuals.
b) Detail the responsibilities that individuals have for disclosure of income and payment of tax to the relevant authorities.
c) Describe the duties and responsibilities of a tax practitioner.
d) Compute payments on account and balancing payments/repayments.
e) List the information and records that taxpayers need to retain for tax purposes.
f) Pay As You Earn (PAYE) forms and deadlines for submission
    i) P11D 
    ii) P60 
    iii) P45.
g) Explain the tax authority’s filing and payment process in relation to all personal income.
h) Explain the system of penalties and interest as it applies to income tax and capital gains.