FTX Textbook Syllabus

Chapter 1

Syllabus A. Introduction To The Uk Tax System

Chapter 2

Syllabus B. Adjusted Profit / Loss Computations

B6. National insurance contributions for self-employed

  1. B6a. Class 2 and 4 NIC
All subject exam questions
Chapter 3

Syllabus C. Income Tax Liabilities

C5. The use of pension contributions

  1. C5. Pensions
  2. C5e. Employer contributions
Chapter 4

Syllabus D. Capital Gains Tax

D5. The completion of the self assessment tax return

  1. D5. D5.CGT and tax return
All subject exam questions
Chapter 5

Syllabus E. Corporation Tax Liabilities

E6. The use of exemptions and reliefs

  1. E6a. Factors that influence choice of loss relief claim

E7. Complete the corporation tax return

  1. E7. Corporation tax return
All subject exam questions
Chapter 6

Syllabus F. Value Added Tax

F2. The VAT registration requirements

  1. F2. VAT Registration - Compulsory and Voluntary

F8. Communicate VAT information

  1. F8. VAT information