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Syllabus A. Leadership A2. Leadership And Organisational Culture

A2c. Cultural web and organisational change

The Cultural Web

The Cultural Web was explored in a previous lecture and is reproduced below:

  1. Identify what changes need to be made to the current paradigm.

  2. Map out an organisation’s position on the various aspects outlined in the web;

  3. Set out a strategy to change the various elements in the cultural web.

The impact of change of each element on the cultural web is reproduced below:


Identify the core beliefs of the stories and extent of their pervasiveness within the organisation; Do they show the ‘reality’ that management wants

Routines & Rituals

Do they help or hinder? To what extent can these be changed?
Gain insight on the type of message driven by training programmes;

Organisational Structures

The type of structure used Functional/Project Based; What is the level of hierarchy ;
What is the type of power structure being deployed; Is it now appropriate for the desired change?

Control Systems

What are the key controls put in place;
What form of incentive schemes and motivation tools are being adopted; Are they appropriate and promote the desired change?

Power Structures

What values are being enforced by the leaders; Do they fully believe in the change required? How is power distributed across the organisation?


What is the overall language and jargon used at the place of work? What status symbols are associated with the organisation? What aspects of strategy that are highlighted in publicity? Are they a barrier or help to change?


What is the dominant culture? How easy is this to change.