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What you will learn in ATX

The aim of the syllabus is to apply relevant knowledge and skills and exercise professional judgement in providing relevant information and advice to individuals and businesses on the impact of the major taxes on financial decisions and situations.

The Advanced Taxation - United Kingdom (ATX-UK) syllabus further develops the key aspects of taxation introduced in the compulsory Taxation – United Kingdom (TX-UK) syllabus within the Applied Skills module and extends the student’s knowledge of the tax system, together with their ability to apply that knowledge to the issues commonly encountered by individuals and businesses, such that successful students should have the ability to interpret and analyse the information provided and communicate the outcomes in a manner appropriate to the intended audience.

The syllabus builds on the basic knowledge of core taxes from the earlier taxation exam and introduces students to stamp taxes. As this is an optional exam, aimed at those requiring/desiring more than basic tax knowledge for their future professional lives, the syllabus also extends the knowledge of income tax, corporation tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax to encompass further overseas aspects of taxation, the taxation of trusts and additional exemptions and reliefs.

Students at this level are expected to go beyond just the computational aspects of taxation. 

Whilst it remains important that they are able to display a thorough understanding of the calculative elements of the syllabus, this exam also seeks to develop their skills of analysis, interpretation and communication. Students are expected to be able to use established tax planning methods and consider current issues in taxation.

Computations will often only be required in support of explanations or advice and not in isolation. However, purely calculative requirements may still feature as part of questions.

Section E of the syllabus contains outcomes relating to the demonstration of appropriate digital and employability skills in preparing for and taking the ATX-UK examination. This includes being able to access and open exhibits, requirements and response options from different sources and being able to use the relevant functionality and technology to prepare and present response options in a professional manner. 

These skills are specifically developed by practising and preparing for the ATX-UK exam, using the learning support content for computer-based exams available via the practice platform and the ACCA website, and will need to be demonstrated during the live exam.

On successful completion of this exam, students should be able to:

A. Apply further knowledge and understanding of the UK tax system through the study of more advanced topics within the taxes studied previously and the study of stamp taxes

B. Identify and evaluate the impact of relevant taxes on various situations and courses of action, including the interaction of taxes

C. Provide advice on minimising and/or deferring tax liabilities by the use of standard tax planning measures

D. Apply a range of professional skills in addressing requirements within the ATX-UK examination in preparation for, or to support, current work experience

E. Demonstrate employability and technology skills.

More information about the Practical Experience Requirement can be viewed here: