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What you will learn in BT

The Business and Technology (BT/FBT) syllabus introduces students who may not have a business background, to the business, which as an entity is made up of people and systems which interact with the environment and with each other.

The syllabus begins with examining the purpose and types of business which exist, the key stakeholders and the rights and responsibilities that businesses have in connection with them, exploring the external influences that affect the business in its environment, including legal, economic, social, technological and sustainability factors.

The syllabus then examines the structure and functions of business, focusing on culture, corporate governance, sustainability and regulation. The syllabus covers specific accounting related roles in this process, particularly in financial reporting and internal control. The syllabus also covers financial systems and the impact of technology.

The syllabus then introduces key leadership, management and people issues such as effective individual and team behaviour, motivation, training, performance appraisal, communication and personal effectiveness.

The final section of the syllabus examines how behaviour at all levels within business should be underpinned by accepted professional ethics and professional values.

On successful completion of this exam, candidates should be able to:

A. Understand the purpose and types of businesses and how they interact with key stakeholders and the external environment.

B. Understand organisational structure, culture, the role of corporate governance and sustainability.

C. Recognise accounting and finance functions in business and the regulations, systems, controls and technologies that affect them.

D. Recognise the principles of leadership and how teams and individuals are managed, motivated and developed.

E. Understand the importance of personal effectiveness as the basis for effective team and organisational behaviour.

F. Recognise that all aspects of business and finance should be conducted in a manner which complies with, and is in the spirit of, accepted professional ethics and professional values.

More information about the Practical Experience Requirement can be viewed here: