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What you will learn in MA

The syllabus for Management Accounting (MA)/FMA, introduces candidates to elements of management accounting which are used to make and support decisions.

The syllabus starts by introducing the nature, the source and purpose of management information followed by the statistical techniques used to analyse data. Then the syllabus addresses cost accounting and the costing techniques used in business which are essential for any management accountant.

The syllabus then looks at the preparation and use of budgeting and standard costing and variance analysis as essential tools for planning and controlling business activities. The syllabus concludes with an introduction to measuring and monitoring the performance of an organisation.

On successful completion of this exam, candidates should be able to:

A. Explain the nature, source and purpose of management information

B. Explain and apply data analysis and statistical techniques

C. Explain and apply cost accounting techniques

D. Prepare budgets for planning and control

E. Compare actual costs with standard costs and analyse any variances

F. Explain and apply performance measurements and monitor business performance.

More information about the Practical Experience Requirement can be viewed here: