FM Textbook Syllabus

Chapter 1

Syllabus A. Financial Management Function

Chapter 2

Syllabus B. Financial Management Environment

Chapter 3

Syllabus C. Working Capital Management

C1. The nature, elements and importance of working capital

  1. Working Capital Management
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Chapter 4

Syllabus D. Investment Appraisal

Chapter 5

Syllabus E. Business Finance

E1a. Short-term sources of finance

  1. Short term finance

E4. Capital structure theories and practical considerations

  1. Capital structure theories
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Chapter 6

Syllabus F. Business Valuations

F1. Nature and purpose of the valuation of business

  1. Valuations - Introduction
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F3. The valuation of debt and other financial assets

  1. The valuation of debt
Chapter 7

Syllabus G. Risk Management